Idea Discovery using Insider Activity YTD 2016

Insider Activity YTD 2016
Self Service using the right hand side filter options, 1) only purchases with no sales, 2) YTD price change, 3) Enterprise value, 4) Market Value, 5) Insider Price vs Price on 12/16/16: 6) Insider Title, 7) Transaction Type 8) share buybacks and with only insider buying
Default filter set to companies buying back shares over the TTM with only insider buying and insider price paid greater than market price on 12/16/16. Change or export to discover new ideas.


bart said...

Hi Shadow,

Which subscription in tableau are you using to generate these screeners?


ShadowStock said...

Hi Bart

No Subscriptions.
All of my work is based on web scraping, data parsing, calculated fields. Excel, Access, Open (Google) refine, text editors, Tableau Public, Panopticon, Monarch, others.

bart said...

That's interesting. I don't even know what exactly you mean by Panopticon and Monarch. But I hope to follow your blog more closely and hopefully you can post more of where you find some of your stock ideas.

ShadowStock said...


Panopticon is a visualization tool from Datawatch. Monarch is a data prep tool from Datawatch.

Iopus is also used to help with web scraping .

Good Luck